Learning Sex Scenes at Acting School

Learning Sex Scenes at Acting School

Acting is an extremely versatile career that tosses an actor into different scenarios. As an actor, you are required to adapt fast and fall in character. Sex scenes can be difficult for amateur actors who might feel embarrassed about acting an intimate scene in a room full of people. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it has to be treated as just another part of the job of an actor. The hesitation wears out eventually as you are taught and exposed to situations that call for a certain level of nudity or intimacy.

In acting school, it falls within

In acting school, it falls within the instructors’ responsibility to expose their students to simulations of what a career in acting will call for. Since movies are a depiction of human emotions in their diversity, a proficient actor has to master how to portray intimacy. Instructors achieve this by pairing the students on practice sessions with other actors they are not familiar with. The idea behind using a person an actor is not overly familiar with is that it accurately simulates future acting roles where a performer will work with different actors. Familiarity breeds confidence in performance over time.

Learning Sex Scenes at Acting School

The key to mastering intimate scenes is divorcing all emotions from the act. To depict a sex scene with finesse, you have to treat perform as you would in any other role. Although you know the scene is just a mere gimmick, you have to put in the work to give a realistic performance. The simulated scene has to look intimate enough for the audience to buy. Professionalism dictates that all scenes acted out do not imply a romantic entanglement by rather an acting role essential in the making of a movie.

When learning how to make intimate scenes in acting school, it is a known policy that sex scenes or nudity scenes have to be shot with the presence of a third party. The third-party in question are the members of the production team. Having a director, the camera team, and all other members on set create a safe working space by ensuring the chances of anything unprofessional happening is reduced. This also opens a can of worms in terms of actors exposing their naked bodies in front of a third party or acting in intimate scenes under supervision. Objectivity in acting saves performers from the shame or self-consciousness that might be evoked from shooting these scenes.

While sex scenes are not taught in a structured manner in acting school, instructors will often give instructions. In giving directions, instructors are tied to ethical practices and following stipulated guidelines to ensure professionalism is observed. To act out nude and provocative scenes calls for a performer to maintain an open mind. Embracing acting requires that you love all parts of it and grow into an all-rounded performer capable of playing diverse roles. Naivety and shyness have no room in acting because the most celebrated of actors are rarely demure characters. Lessons given on acting raunchy scenes have to be treated as part of the learning curve of a thespian.